Poland: creation of a Shiatsu Association

29 Jan, 2024
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A new shiatsu association is born in Poland! This is great news for the European shiatsu community.

Congratulations to the Polish Shiatsu Association, which received its official birth certificate earlier this week.
Karolina Kowalczyk and her husband, Karol, are the driving force behind this new movement. Observing her surroundings over the last two years, Karolina noticed that the Polish shiatsu community had neither a functioning school nor a clear general direction.

An initial online meeting took place this summer and more focused planning began in November.
The founding group consists of 7 members (the minimum required to set up an association in Poland). They are
Karolina Kowalczyk, Karol Kowalczyk, Wiktoria Horzela, Marta Zorek, Helena Orzechowska, Aleksandra Kaźmierska, Sylwia Klimaszewska-Domańska.

Congratulations to the brand new team and to Polish Shiatsu!

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