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8 February 2024

EU: change of NACE code for Shiatsu

After being downgraded in the European professional codes (NAF code in French or NACE code in English), Shiatsu was relegated,...
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29 January 2024

Poland: creation of a Shiatsu Association

A new shiatsu association is born in Poland! This is great news for the European shiatsu community. Congratulations to the...
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22 November 2023

Austria: Shiatsu Summit in Vienna about trauma

From 30 May to 2 June 2024, a Shiatsu Summit will be held in Vienna on the theme of trauma...
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4 July 2023

Creation of an online Shiatsu library

The Shiatsu Ressoources Worldwide website has just launched a new project: a database containing hundreds of titles of books on...
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1 July 2023

Hungary: Merger of Hungarian Shiatsu organisations

The two existing Hungarian Shiatsu associations have merged into a single entity called the Hungarian Shiatsu Association (Magyar Shiatsu Egyesület)....
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29 June 2023

U.K.: The United Kingdom returns to the FES

Six years after their departure, the UK Shiatsu Society is back with a bang in the European Shiatsu Federation. It's...
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26 June 2023

Italy: Shiatsu organisations unite to speak with one voice

APOS, COS and FISIEO, the three most important associations in the field, have decided to give a single voice to...
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22 June 2023

Europe: new ESF website

C’est un tout nouveau site simple et puissant qui est sorti cette semaine. La Fédération Européenne de Shiatsu fait peau...
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19 June 2023

France: the International Shiatsu Days unite

The five largest French Shiatsu organisations are joining forces for the Journées Internationales du Shiatsu (JIS), alongside the ISD (International...
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15 January 2023

Austria: 20 years of recognition for the Shiatsu profession

January 2023: Austrian Shiatsu celebrates 20 years of professional independence!Today, the Austrian Shiatsu Association, ÖDS, is celebrating 20 years of...
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