Ryoho Shiatsu Blog Team

Ryoho Shiatsu Blog Team

Ivan Bel
Founder and editorial manager

Marie Cruysmans – Editor

Odile Fayet – editor

François-Olivier Louail – journalist

English translators

Abigail Maneché

François-Rémy Monnier

Odile Fayet

Italian translators

Nathalie Durand

Michele Terenzoni

Annamaria Fedeli

German translators

Magdalena Patz

Surya Wu

Karin Koers

Anufa Ellhorn

Spanish translators

Ma-Elena Riva-Zucchelli

Lizette Cardenas

Betty Marc

Portuguese translators

Alice Rumi

Fernanda Souza-Tavares

Susana Martins


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    L'Esprit du Shiatsu
    L'Esprit du Shiatsu
    Par Ivan Bel