Summer intensive course: back to the roots of Shiatsu – 7 to 13 July 2024, with Ivan Bel

27 Dec, 2023
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For its 5th session, the intensive Shiatsu course held on the magnificent Lembrun estate is offering you a return to your roots. During a full week of practice, study and good times to share together, this year there will be no Oriental medicine, but Shiatsu, Shiatsu, nothing but Shiatsu. The aim of this course is, on the one hand, to study in depth every technical detail, every gesture, every posture, every tool of the body. Secondly, we will explore all the principles underlying the technique, i.e. the technical principles and advanced concepts. Finally, there will be a great deal of work on the body through meditation, Qigong and martial movements.


This course is recommended for those who wish to study Ryōhō Shiatsu in greater depth. Compulsory for those who wish to take the school exam.

  • Study of postures, movement in pressure, body movements
  • Pressures on 3 beats, 3 rhythms, 3 depths
  • Work on breathing on 3 levels
  • Development of the body’s power
  • Study of all the tools of the body: palm, fist, finger, forearm, elbow, knee, foot
  • Detailed study of technical movements: pressure, stretching, vibration, shaking, compression
  • Discovery of the basic Ryōhō Shiatsu kata
  • Study of treatment katas by anatomical zone specific to Ryōhō Shiatsu
  • Study of the fundamental principles: zanshin, enzan’no metsuke, shoshin, nanbutsu ryuten, chinkon kishin, shisei, misogi, irimi, ki musubi, ki nagare, ki awase, kimei, ma aï, mitori geiko, seichusen and many others…
  • Anpuku kata from Ryōhō Shiatsu

Practical information

  • Dates: from 7 to 13 July 2024
  • Number of hours: 60h
  • Teaching staff: Ivan Bel, Philippe Banaï, Jérôme Voisin, Stéphane Bourguignon and many others…
  • Course price: €250
  • Accommodation: book directly with the Domaine of Lembrun, with prices to suit all budgets.
  • Meals: we recommend that you take your meals on site (vegetarian, organic, prepared by a chef) when you book your accommodation.
  • Leisure: a community bar, 2 swimming pools, the river Lot
  • Number of seats: 50 – we advise you to book as soon as possible

We look forward to seeing you soon. See you soon!

Ivan Bel

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