In 1928, Kazuma Fukunaga (福永数間), published “Chikara ōyō ryōhō” (力応用 療法, Power Therapy) printed at author’s expense. It includes an appendix entitled “Shiatsuhō” ( 指圧法, Shiatsu Method) and it is the very first time the term “Shiatsu” appears in a publication. A new technique is born, whose roots are in Anma massage.

In 1939, Kazuma Fukunaga published under the pen name Tenpeki Tamai (玉井天碧) the first book entirely dedicated to his creation “Shiatsu-hō” (指圧法 – Shiatsu technique), and on the 4th page “Shiatsu-hō” (指圧療法 – Shiatsu therapy). It is this last term that will be used by all Japanese authors in the majority of the books that will follow. With more than 600 pages, including a long introduction to modern anatomy, but also many spiritual advices to become a good practitioner, it is the founding book of Shiatsu. In homage to the work of all the Japanese founders and authors, we have named our style Ryōhō Shiatsu.

Because of its Japanese origins, Shiatsu includes a very vast and codified curriculum. The Ryōhō Shiatsu is as much about finding the roots of this manual art as it is about teaching its evolutions with a precise objective: efficiency. Any technique that does not prove itself is not taught.

Our philosophy

We attach particular importance to the triple path (martial arts, meditation, shiatsu), as they are mutually nourishing. This is why the principles of Ryōhō Shiatsu are the same as those found in Japanese budo because the gestures, postures, ergonomics in movement, mental calm, breathing, the ability to decide (make a decision), the balance between efficiency and well-being are the same. This is why our links and relationships with Japan are at the heart of the development of Ryōhō Shiatsu.

Ryōhō Shiatsu is not just another style or way of practicing Shiatsu. It is based on two major concepts:

– the Heaven-Man-Earth relationship, which is widely deepened. This tryptic is declined in many aspects such as the pressures (slow, medium, fast), the depth (light, medium, deep), the levels of shiatsu (relaxation, energetic, therapeutic) or the three focuses, the three spiritual centers (Dantian), the three Treasures (Qi, Jing, Shen), etc…

– the improvement of all practitioners of any style or school to reach the therapeutic level, both in mechanical and energetic shiatsu. This implies a thorough study of oriental medicine, and advanced knowledge in anatomy, psychology and energetics of the human being.

So there is not a style specific to Ryōhō Shiatsu but a will to raise the level of all. We thus gather all practitioners and teachers who wish to spread this approach of Shiatsu.

Join us

People who wish to train can become students in one of the schools (see schools directory).

If the person has already graduated from any of the schools, he or she can train via internships (see internship page)

If they wish to learn to teach, they can become an assistant or a teacher.

If the person is a teacher and wishes to register his or her school in this movement, he or she must train in the common core of Ryōhō Shiatsu.

There is a program for each stage which is available by contacting the founders of Ryoho Shiatsu (via the Contact page).