Ryoho Shiatsu

What is Shiatsu ?

When a person suffers or does not feel good, they instinctively reach to the painful area looking for relief. This instinctive gesture was built upon and expanded to a full blown art in Asia thanks to massage and digitopressure. Later on, Chinese medicine showed the interaction between the energy of the meridians and the physical body. Shiatsu therapy (which means “finger pressure”) is a combination of both approaches, instinctive and theoretical, technical and energetic. This manual therapy is recognized as among the most interesting ones by the European Commission. It has also been an official medicine in Japan since 1964. In France, shiatsu has been recognized as a profession since 2015. The Ryoho Shiatsu style is the study of all aspects of shiatsu, namely:

  1. Mechanical Shiatsu (stretching and osteoarticular stimulation)
  2. Energy shiatsu (meridians, families and combination of the points)
  3. Therapeutic shiatsu (pathologies, pulse measurement, oriental diagnosis)
  4. Personal development (self-shiatsu, work on tactile sense, meditation, qi gong, …)
  5. Chinese Medicine (theories, energy physiology, visceral psychology, moxibustion)

Latest news

Ivan Bel, on a quest for Shiatsu

For once, Ivan Bel slides over to the other side of the microphone and answers questions from his long-time friend: Pierre-Emmanuel Canon. An Asia-roaming backpacker for 25 years, Chinese speaking, serious reader and passionate about Shiatsu, Ivan Bel is also a...

Treatment of insomnia in Shiatsu

Who has never had any difficulty one day, or rather one night, sleeping like a log? Sleeping is a very important function in our lives, but it is also very sensitive to change. This is why so many people come to Shiatsu to seek a solution to their insomnia. To help...

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